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Travel, Funeral expenses, Studies

Travel with confidence and serenity. ELITIS also assists you in the organization of funerals and support your children in academic success.

  • For travel assistance

The insured benefits from cover in the event of illness, accident or death occurring during a trip outside the country and according to the option chosen by the policyholder.

This insurance also covers legal assistance when the beneficiary is prosecuted for an involuntary breach of the law of the country in which he is located (other than the country of residence). 

  • Funeral expenses

The subscriber chooses the beneficiary (ies) he wants when signing the assistance contract, and pays an annual premium. He has the possibility to subscribe an assistance policy for his relatives (parents, children, parents-in-law, and grandparents) within an age range specified in the contract.

  • Studies

ELITIS assists your children in academic success by a guaranteed financing of their studies in case of disappearance of the subscriber or absolute or permanent disability.

Each year, the school collects all the tuition fees and we provide the student with all the necessary supplies for a successful school year.


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