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ELITIS CAMEROUN is a Company specialized in Insurance Brokerage and Advisory.

ELITIS CAMEROUN advises and assists its customers in their relationship with insurance companies and other professionals involved in the insurance domain.

Our mission is to identify the needs of our customers to provide them with the best solutions for their personal and professional issues.

Thanks to our expertise in insurance and our knowledge of the insurance market, we negotiate for our customers and set insurance policies adjusted to their needs, in terms of service quality and ratio premium / guarantees.

It is useful to work with insurance brokers because they:

  • are customer's agent
  • are independent
  • can develop / enrich insurance tender specifications
  • compare insurance proposals and provide in a transparent manner results for an advised choice

 An Insurance broker is your best source of information and advices.

Our role is to:

  • Assess with your teams the level of risk to which you are exposed
  • Search the best placed companies in terms of coverage, cost and solvency
  • Guide you in choosing the most suitable solution
  • Check regularly with you, your level of risk
  • Follow-up and ensure the payment of claims


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