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Fire prevention


Fire prevention advice

Fires cause significant material and human damage every year. Take the necessary preventive measures to safeguard your assets.

What causes fires

Problems related to a poorly maintained electrical installation (badly fixed plugs, broken wires, etc.) or one that is not used properly. For example, using one plug to connect several appliances can cause overheating.


Controlling electricity

Replace outdated or impact-damaged sockets or switches. This precaution prevents sparks from starting fires.

Do not overload power strips. The use of such equipment should be limited to low-power devices. Prefer quality material with a switch button.

Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning their ventilation systems.

Install a circuit breaker. It interrupts the electrical current in case of an incident in the electrical circuit.

Carry out an electrical diagnosis of your installations. It assesses the risks that may affect the safety of people and property.

Preventing fire

An occupant of a room where a fire starts has only three minutes after the start of the fire to extinguish it or flee without injury. To be warned as soon as smoke appears, install one or more Autonomous Smoke Detectors.

In case of a fire, use a fire blanket or a mop for an oil or grease fire. Be careful, never throw water on boiling oil. Throwing water at a deep fryer causes an explosion and results in flaming oil drops.

Whatever the room, place the candles on a stable candleholder, away from wind and draughts and away from flammable objects. Keep them and matches and lighters out of the reach of children.

Do not store aerosol cans, cleaning products, and combustible materials – cardboard, paper, cloth – near heat sources.
Remove dead vegetation and tall grass around your house.

Responding to a fire

Take a fire extinguisher and try to put out the fire by aiming at the bottom of the flames.
Close the door to the room where the fire started and the door to the front door so that the fire does not spread to neighbouring homes
Leave the house. Call the fire brigade when you are safe.

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