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Tourist Vehicle, Public Transport of Travelers, ...

The purpose of car insurance is to cover the driver, passengers on board and third parties...


Illness, Individual Accidents

ELITIS offers cover for personal injuries incurred as a result of an accident...


Savings, Retirement, Education

Preparing the future today should be a daily concern. Savings is one of the solutions...


Public and Private Transport of Goods

This insurance covers shipments of goods by sea, road, rail, air, whatever their nature, value, packaging or destination


Fire on Buildings, Furniture, Goods, Materials, Personal Effects.

The insured receives an indemnity to repair the damage suffered by all of his property


Funeral expenses, studies, travels

ELITIS  assists his relatives in the organization of funerals and accompanies his children in academic success


Public and Professional Liability

This insurance covers you against damages caused to third parties in your private life. It also covers you against the pecuniary consequences

Residential And Professional Multirisk

Fire, Theft, Water damages, Ice breaking, etc.

The multi-risk property insurance offers the insured the protection of his property.

Others Life Products

Death, End-of-career allowance,

Collective products adapted to groups are made available. Associations, families, cooperatives, friends ...

Prevention & Advices

Being close to our customers

Road Prevention

Always make sure you have followed all safety rules before you hit the road. Taking care of your vehicle ensures its proper functioning ...


Fire Prevention

Fires cause significant material and human damage every year. Take advantage of preventive measures to safeguard your heritage.


buildings Safety

The durability of your infrastructure requires a battery of security measures in place. The chosen devices must ensure the safety of the buildings.


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