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Multi-risk Home, Professional

Multi-risk Home, Office, Business

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L’Incendie est la garantie de base en Multirisque Professionnelle ou Habitation. ELITIS vous accompagne dans le retour à la normale après un incendie. L’assuré perçoit une indemnité permettant de réparer les dommages subis par l’ensemble de ses biens.

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Fire, theft, water damage, glass breakage, etc.

Multi-risk insurance provides the insured with protection for their assets.

In general, the coverage extends from the insured building to the contents, and if necessary, on third party liability.

This insurance extends to damage suffered as a result of an explosion, lightning strike, storm, tornado, hurricane and cyclone; as well as damage suffered by neighbours and third parties as a result of a fire that started on the insured’s premises through his fault.

Water damage, theft, glass breakage, etc. are also covered.

Comprehensive bank insurance

The purpose of comprehensive bank insurance is to guarantee compensation for the pecuniary loss that the insured may experience as a result of:
Theft by burglary, by clandestine entry, use of false keys, violence, with or without weapons, committed by third parties
Theft by third parties, by assault, violence or threat on the person of the insured or his employees;
Theft and/or embezzlement by the insured's employees through breach of trust and all criminal acts committed in the premises of the head office, branches or agencies;
Theft with or without assault and loss during the transport of funds, outside the premises of the insured, by force majeure.

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