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Public Freight Transport, Private Freight Transport

This insurance covers shipments of goods made by sea, road, rail, air, whatever their nature, value, method of packaging or destination.

In addition, it also covers damage caused to ships, aircraft, as well as damage attributable to the owners of said ships/aircraft or persons who operate them.

Aviation Insurance

The extreme complexity of air transport makes aviation insurance a very special branch which must take into account problems relating to a multiplicity of stakeholders, countries and legislations.

Among the wide range of guarantees offered, we can distinguish three main types of policies which, themselves, can be declined in several variants adapted to the different needs of the insured.

It covers material damage occurring to the aircraft in operation during take-off, flight and landing as well as damage to the ground. The policy can cover total or partial losses.
It offers various guarantees which cover the civil liability of the operator and/or the owner and/or the pilot who could be called into question following an accident, due to bodily injury or material damage caused to third parties not transported. , to passengers as well as to goods and baggage, whether checked in or left in the custody of the traveller.
Intended for manufacturers, aircraft and engine manufacturers, it covers the civil liability they may incur following an accident to equipment delivered to a customer, provided that proof of a manufacturing defect, latent defect or lack of information is provided.

Hull insurance

The main purpose of hull (ship) insurance for all vessels is to indemnify the insured against loss and damage to the insured vessels.

It also covers the civil and contractual liability of ship owners (sailing boats, motorboats, fishing boats or other vessels) and sea and inland waterway carriers.

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