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Personal and Professional

This insurance covers you against damage (bodily injury and property damage) caused to third parties in your private life.

It also covers you against the pecuniary consequences of the civil liability that you incur, due to negligence and professional misconduct committed by you or your employees in the exercise of the activities declared in the contract.

Civil Liability insurance for Directors and Corporate Officers guarantees directors as natural persons and covers damage caused to third parties (or to the company itself) in the event of mismanagement by the director.
Ten-year civil liability insurance provides coverage for 10 years of poor workmanship in a building. It starts when the work is accepted by the owner or the future buyer. It must be taken out before the start of construction and aims to release the liability of builders, architects, workers and, in general, any person bound to the project manager by a contract.
This guarantee provides for the assumption by the insurer of construction defects jeopardizing the solidity of the structure or rendering it unsuitable for its intended purpose, as well as installations that do not comply with safety standards.
This compulsory insurance was established by law 75/15 of December 8, 1975 and decree 77-318 of August 17, 1977 for works of any kind whose value is equal to at least 100 million FCFA. The professional can exonerate himself from this liability by proving that the damage observed on the work results from a cause that is foreign to him.

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