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Get coverage designed to prepare your future

Preparing for the future today is a daily concern. Saving is one of the solutions offered by ELITIS.

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Savings, Retirement, Education

For your retirement, your children’s education or any other life project, guarantee the achievement of your goals with our savings products.


Save at an attractive rate of return, and benefit from attractive capital at the end of your savings.

In the short term, you have the latitude to extend the deadline in order to ensure the realization of your projects without incident.
After the down payment is due, fund your savings in the amounts and at the times that suit you.

Enjoy the freedom to contribute at your own pace, based on your one-time income and the capital to be collected at the end.
At the end of the savings period, you will receive the amount contributed plus the profits generated by the various premiums paid and the fact that no claim has been made during the savings period.

Furthermore, in the event of the death of the subscriber, the capital is paid exclusively to the beneficiary(ies) named in the contract at the time of subscription.
An incident, an accident, whatever the unexpected event, part of your savings is made available to you, to help you manage the unexpected and support your loved ones in the event of difficulty.

Note that:
  • Withdrawing part of your savings to manage contingencies does not end the contract

  • Only the total withdrawal of the acquired value of the savings before the end, puts an end to the contract.
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